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Secretary & Vice President for Corporate Outreach and Small Business Engagement

One of three original members of The Warriors’ Lawyer’s Board of Directors, Greg Palmer’s uniformed service spanned three decades. Enlisting in the Marine Corps in 1986, his initial service was as a Air Support Operations Marine, MOS 7242. He retired after 29 years on active duty in 2015 as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Greg was stationed in Panama at the U.S. Embassy in 1989, during the U.S. invasion of Panama. After reaching the rank of Staff Sergeant, he was commissioned via the Enlisted Commissioning Program and assigned as an Adjutant. After his tour as an Adjutant, he was offered the opportunity to attend law school through the Excess Leave Program, enabling Greg to become a Judge Advocate, or military attorney.

Greg served in nearly every sort of assignment available to Marine Corps Judge Advocates, including Trial Counsel (prosecutor), the Military Justice Officer (known as the “MOJO”), Senior Defense Counsel, Military Judge, and Base Staff Judge Advocate for Marine Corps Base Parris Island. Finally, he had the opportunity to serve with the Eastern Area Counsel’s Office attending to civil (non-military law) matters.

Greg deployed to Iraq during his time as a Judge Advocate, and accumulated extensive overseas experience in Okinawa, Japan. Greg is an entrepreneur and small business owner and attorney living in Jacksonville, Florida.

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